Wednesday, December 19

dylan and worms

"dylan, what do you want for christmas?" -jordan
"hmm, 'et me fank...worms." -dylan

couple days later...

(dylan is scratching his butt with mason's video game right before i hand it to him)

"dylan, why are you scratching your bottom with that?"
"cause i dot worms.."

this is one of the many "worms" references he comes up with.
what's the deal?
i don't even think he's ever seen a worm.

another cool thing:

a professor at Yale(i believe) decided to raise his boys as girls and his girls as boys. he gave the girls trucks to play with and the guys dolls. apparently he wanted to study the effects of learned and natural behaviors.

get this...

the girls decided to have a mommy and daddy truck.
the boys bended the dolls' legs and used them like guns.


valerie said...

i love the "another cool thing" section

julie p said...

never a dull moment--honestly. I can't wait to meet this little Dylan kid. How about this Sunday?

jodi said...

as your 4th grade teacher, honey, i need to remind you that the past tense of "bend" is not "bended"...
it's "bent".


love you!