Monday, December 10

Can you give me ONE LOGICAL reason to believe that God exists?

I have been recently reading the posts from a Facebook group called "Can you give me ONE LOGICAL reason to believe that God exists?"
Sometimes things like this beat a good book.

Here was the thing that left me completely sad:
One guy posted

"I can give you a bunch of reasons why I know God exists, but here is my favorite one...
The written and spoken and language was developed by MAN. It is different, and we don't all understand each other.
But the emotional language, is the same all over the world. A smile means the same thing wherever you are. You can tell when someone is happy, sad, angry, anxious, or anything else, regardless of what country your are in or what spoken language is prevalent.
Our world is too complex, yet to logical, to think that it all happened by chance. I don't care what God you believe in, I believe we are here by intelligent design, the work of a creator... the work of God."

The sort of administrator of the group came back with this:

"Emotions are the results of synaptic cascades within the primitive limbic system... fear and aggression are mediated in the Amygdala... pleasure in the nucleus accumbens .
More sophisticated emotions have some
neocortical involvement to be sure, but they are all there as evolutionary products, and contain within them no transcendental properties.


shi said...

guess who has a blog.... =)

JennRoogles said...

Wow! That is sad. I am going to check out this facebook, thanks for pointing it out.