Wednesday, December 26

another try at shallow

i have so much to say. but i think i'll stick to something on a lighter note.
it was a great christmas, maybe the best ever. there were some people missing, but God certainly found a way to make up for it in a way.
i honestly think this is the first year the presents haven't been the primary thing on my mind.

as for something to blog about, i have been seeing a lot of "best of 2007" blogs around, so i think i'll shorten mine into one post. i think this will be really cool to look back on.

best movie: august rush

best song: "embracing accusation" shane and shane

best book: "sex god" rob bell

best devotional: "solo" eugene peterson

best christmas present: jordan got me tickets to "the color purple" in april with my broadway girls :)

best moment: probably last night when luke, danielle, jordan, and i were having a great talk.

best new friends: julie pekkala and julie evans. i love these women!

best dylan quote: "yeah! dats a gweat idea! i wike da way you fank."

best blog "i paint, then i think" by jaki good


julie p said...

awwwww.....i love being on a list with you and julie evans...*tear

evans_girl said...

anna--you are a beautiful soul! keep learning, growing, and, of course, singing. happy new year!