Thursday, December 27

dramatic it may be..

i officially hate the media.
maybe even generally the medium of television.
it makes me sick...brought me to tears today.

headline: apparently there is a frazzle about paris hilton not getting the multi-million dollar inheritance from grandpa.
same same same...

FOCUS, people.

i have one of those really old, dusty TVs.
it's SO out of here.

any takers?


jodi said...

i really want to post this chick's blog entry on my own blog. the passive-aggressive discussion at the bottom made me think of you. here it is in its entirety...

My Give-a-Shit is so broken, I’m shocked. Usually I put everyone before myself, ignore what I need or want and make sure everyone else is ok. Now? I could not possible give less of a shit about people if they aren’t the least bit interested in asking how I am. I have some really great friends who always ask how I’m doing, what’s up, yadda yadda, even if I’m head down and going 90 miles an hour through my daily life. I appreciate that more than I can say.

But somehow I’m more aware lately of the people in my life for whom everything, and I mean everything, is really All About Them. And man, my give-a-shit is so not even listening to their noise. I’m not saying altars need to be built to my awesomeness, but, well it’s like this. There are orbit people and there are black hole people. Orbit people do their thing, and maybe they pass by you while you’re on your orbit, and there’s a fair exchange of information. Orbit people don’t expect you to get off your orbit and follow theirs, and you don’t necessarily expect them to jump off their path and join you.

Black hole people, obviously, suck everything in around them with a force that’s impossible to fight at times, and everything is all about them like damn.

I’m less and less tolerant of the black hole people - and I’m also totally worried that I myself am becoming one, now that my give-a-shit is broken.

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a passive aggressive person, and I do not use my blog to drop hints. I’d hate to think I made anyone who knows me personally and who also reads this site feel self-conscious because I am aware of who reads this page and I would never be so underhanded and wussy as to tell the internet instead of you personally. The folks I’m speaking of above are people who don’t read this page, so please don’t think I mean you. You, I like. So don’t worry.

Sarah said...


I really like the above blog entry. Where did it come from?