Tuesday, November 20

shallow post

There comes a time in this blog of mine that I just have to write a shallow post. Not so deep.
There also comes a time when I need to use proper grammar and punctuation.
So off I go...

I want to know what the stinkin' pilgrims were thinking. November? Way to close to December, which essentially makes Turkey Day just a 10lb roadblock to Christmas. Why couldn't they sail their little ship in February? Besides it containing the anniversary of my coming about, it's a pretty dull month.

I guess I could add the small detail that I've sort of decided what direction I want to take my life.
Currently, I am an English Humanities major with a teachers liscensure and a minor in music.
I've really only stuck with this because it's what I'm good at. Being an English teacher has always sounded like the most boring profession ever.
But recently, I've been thinking. I've been thinking about teachers I've had that have really left an impact on who I am:
Jodi Gillen.
Amy Bonifield.
Angie Pfeifer.
April Deacon.
And I've decided that your profession is what you make it out to be.
These were women who besides teaching me academic things, taught me things that will stick with me forever.
Jodi taught me respect. Honestly, she introduced me to it. She may have even thought I was respectful then, but I had no concept of it. I knew small life lessons in fourth grade because of her. She, again without knowing it, helped me through things that were happening at home in "small things done with great love."
Amy taught me it's okay to be silly, and that there's always a more interesting way to learn. She is who I imagine I would be most like as a teacher.
Angie played the biggest part in my love for reading. She taught about stories that capture you, stories that COMPLETELY related to my life in some way.
Now, April..now I'm crying. She taught me in so many ways to be me. To love my dorkiness. She is possibly the most passionate woman I know, and simply spending most of my time with her made me be passionate about things I never thought I would be passionate about.

To think that I could have the opportunity to have an impact on another person like these women have had an impact on me....miles beyond a blessing.

So that's the direction I'm going in for now.

I suck at shallow.


julie p said...

i have shivers....seriously

i wish i could have been your teacher, but, alas, i am a redstreak through and through.

theviolinist said...

lovely words for some truly lovely people--at least the two that i know!

anna, i think that direction is an excellent choice for you...and you are so bad at shallow...i can do it way better than you...:)

jodi said...

thank you so much anna. it's rare that we teachers get to see the long-lasting fruits of our labors of love. but lately, i've been inundated with bushels-ful.

love you, anna anna bo-banna, banana fanna fo fanna, me my mo-manna...ANNA!!!

lauren. said...

what about lenoir? didn't her tennis hoots have an impact on you? =)

but for what it's worth.

i think you would have an amazing impact on your students if you were to be a teacher.

valerie said...

hey um.. i got a blog.

you've taught me a lot about life