Monday, December 3


Love one another.
Interesting that Jesus emphasizes such a seemingly impossible thing.
Love is something unfathomable to me.
I would say it's easy for me to love most people,
but is it love if it's easy?

I'm a follower of Jesus, and I can't even get down the one thing he emphasizes the most.
Not even close.

Taking a different direction...

People often tell me I'm wise for my age.
I shouldn't know the things I know about life.
So wrong. I know nothing.

There are things from my past (or present) that I'm entirely too immature to deal with.
I won't talk about it, I won't address it in any way.
Because at 20, I still feel too young to face things.

What I'm saying is that I'm scared and I'm a kid.
But if we're honest, aren't we all just that?
Scared little kids running around trying to pretend we've got this thing figured out?

We will ALL struggle with the elemental thing: love.
Christians or not, it's the peak of who we are, and we all suck at it.
But...recognizing it is not enough.

I'm focusing on today. Anything else overwhelms me.
Today, how can I love Mary, the woman in my office who tells me I eat too much?
How can I love my sister, who so badly strives for my approval?
How can I love Jordan, who will inevitably give me a wet-willy one too many times?

So..for you, readers..
May you not necessarily be great at Love, but may you TODAY find a way to love when it's not so easy. Just once. A baby step in something possibly monumental.


steve said...

...loving the difficult to love...elemental indeed.

btw...digging the rob bell-esque blessing at the end.

anna said...

i so thought of the metro pastor when i wrote that, i'm so glad you noticed!

valerie said...

a-stinking-me my sista

Sarah said...

focus on today...I like that. That is something I struggle with. I want to worry about everything else outside of today.