Monday, October 1

messing me up

jordan and i have been pathetically watching this over and over all day.
i can't stop replaying it in my head.
watch it all the way.
listen to the crowd.
it's what the angels do.
it's gotta be.

thank you, Jesus. thank you for pulling. and pulling. and pulling.
for me and for the ones i love so much.

keep pulling, we're fighting.


JennRoogles said...

Wow I can't believe you have never seen this before. It's awesome! I have actually been a part of preforming this before.

julie p said...

my face is wet....

theviolinist said...

never seen this before me chillsssssssss.....

drifter's escape said...

i have been reading your blog for ages.
well-since you've had one.
it's one of my favorites.


jodi said...

simply amazing. mercy and grace illustrated to perfection.

Sarah said...