Sunday, October 7

great expectations

from marty, marko, and probably many others' blogs...

"... real life is not college; real life is not high school. Here is a secret that no one has told you: Real life is junior high. The world that you’re about to enter is filled with junior high adolescent pettiness, pubescent rivalries, the insecurities of 13-year-olds, and the false bravado of 14-year-olds. 40 years from now, I guarantee it: You will still make a silly mistake every day. You will have temper tantrums and you’re feelings will be hurt for some trivial sleight. You’ll say something dumb at the wrong time. And you will wonder at least once a week, “Will I ever grow up?”

ahh, expectations...

when i was in 6th grade, i was focused on being an 8th grader. the way they so maturely hung out at recess, the fact that they got the entire year to plan every detail of the almighty 8th grade dance. they knew so much.
then i became one.
when i was an 8th grader, i was focused on being in high school. this level of education has to be the peak of existence!! homecoming? PROM? switching every class period? they knew so much.
then i became one.
when i was in high school, i was focused on being a senior.
then i became one.
when i was a senior, i was focused on being in college.
now i am.

for as long as i can remember, i have had expectations.
expectations of the next level.
each time i have reached this level of which i had thought of so high, my expectations are crushed.
no matter the people around me, i will always feel like i'm back in 6th grade. i will always be in that scenario.
my expectations will always be inaccurate.

and..(i thank my Father)...that's okay. that's o k a y .

so, today i am working on my expectations of twenty-somethings.
and thirty-somethings.

i guess the truth God is trying to tell me is that in the big picture, thirty-somethings don't really know much more than i do.
and i don't really know much more than a senior in high school..who could be waiting to be something like me.

and we all have them: expectations.
though almost entirely unavoidable, they are silly.
in all situations.

all situations.


Sigma said...

but uhh
i'm in college
and i'm pretty sure it's been my favorite
and i want to stay here forever
really though.
i do.
having a career? PFFTTTT
getting married? AHHHH

yeah right now is the best.

it's amazing.

-Tess (Jones), in case you forgot

Anonymous said...

i really liked this entry. you speak my thoughts better than me. i apologize again for barging in, but i can't help but be the unknown audience member who is an educated appalachian female demanding that you try to publish something right away, regardless of other goals and dreams - start publishing. now, get to it, go do it. what are you waiting for. get published. can i publish something for you? i'm currently working on a chapbook collection of writings for, about, and by women. seriously. you need to publish everywhere and every way you can. you have a gift. i can see it, and i'm a (trustworthy) stranger. i promise i'll stop bothering you until we connect.

-jaki's friend, amy in jackson ohio