Sunday, October 21


i know people often say "they're like family to me" pretty lightly, but the purperos really are to me.

it's all so corny sounding but there's nothing jordan and i would rather do than just hang out with his family.

jordan is my best friend. again, i know a lot of girls probably say that their boyfriend is their best friend but jordan really is. there is no pretense with us. he knows every bad thing and good thing about me. i never feel like i have to act a certain way around him, and i am ALWAYS myself. i never hesitate to say anything to him because i know even if i did act in a way that wasn't true to myself, he would know it's not me. and the same goes for the other way around. i know him on a different level, and he knows me that way too.

mindy is one of my people. i talk to her about things and i know she will always have advice and perspective. i trust her probably more than anyone else. and she's my friend. we have so much fun! about an hour ago, we did a hip-hop workout DVD and i almost peed my pants laughing.

ed is who is honest with me. especially if i have a problem with finances or anything life-goal related. he won't settle on telling me what i want to hear. he would lecture me for hours if he could, and not because he wants me to know that he knows stuff, but because he wants me to do better than he did...for my own good.

then there's luke. we've been through a lot. i'm so happy that through all the rough crap, we have remained best friends. he has taught me so much about expectations and to have a free-spirit. he is determined to be a man of god, and to not let satan prevent that. i miss him. he is away building up a strong tower for himself. most of all though, he represents hope for me. he teaches me that even rock bottom has hope, if you have let yourself have people who are willing to love you. really love you.

when i'm with the purperos (almost always) i feel at home. they care about things about me that i am sometimes amazed ANYONE would care about. they are interested in my well being and the bond they have is amazing.
they model the kind of family i am determined to have. far from perfect. far from it. but overflowing with love.


beefcake said...

thank you...

ESnod said...


You are wise beyond your years. I love to read your blogs. You are always so honest and open with your thoughts and words. They seem far much wiser than your age. I love this about you. You are an amazing girl.