Sunday, October 14

my people

i used to not have my people.
i did things that i knew hurt other people, and no one was close enough to me to call me out or set me straight.

so i lived in luxurious denial.

seemingly perfect life really. i did some very selfish things and my pretending (and even convincing myself) that i wasn't doing anything i couldn't justify gave me an out. as long as i "didn't recognize" what i was doing was wrong, i constantly got away with it. people didn't believe me, but no one was close enough to me to let me know that.
i didn't let anyone close enough to me.
because that would require change and responsibility.
that crap grown-ups have to deal with.

but it eventually came and people who loved me forced me to step it up. step out of the dark, baggage-filled cave that is denial.
these people were SO jesus to me.
there is a lot of meek and mild in Jesus, but there's also a lot of mean and wild...and that's what i needed.
an wild intervention.
accountability...the real kind.
nothing superficial, nothing less than raw.
sometimes it's just a person, sometimes it's people...but to not have someone...i can't think of anything worse.

be someone's person.

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Roogles said...

Great post.

I know that without my people, it would be very unpleasant indeed.