Monday, October 22

what are you so dressed up for?

the pain this morning at about 6 am was almost too bearable for me.
if it weren't for jordan buying me sweet tarts and an unhealthy amount of midol, i think i would have stayed home today.

but the cutest thing happened when i got here.
i went into the bathroom and there was a girl standing in front of the mirror. she was putting on her thick, blue eyeshadow and pink, ultra shiny lip gloss. it was clear she didn't often wear such things, so i sort of smiled. she smiled at me and told me hi, and i said hi then awkwardly gave her a "okay, i'm going to pee now" look.
i wondered who was worth all that trouble. who she thought was so worth putting all that paint on her face. it reminded me of jr. high days. i would spend hours on my hair and make-up in hopes that someone would notice.

now i'm sitting here on my laptop and the girl just sat down next to a boy who happens to be her tutor. he's in a button-up shirt and khaki pants.
"what are you so dressed up for?" she said to him.
she smiles at everything he says and he nervously looks down while making silly jokes.
i catch her glancing down at her chest making sure she's plenty perky.
(something i see high school girls do almost a ridiculous amount).
i just want to shake her. i want to tell her how fabulous she is, and she doesn't have to do all that.
that someone loves her and her makeup doesn't matter. her cleavage doesn't matter (although it could be a potential bonus!)
does she really want a man (boy) that wants her because of that?
she needs love that i can't give her because i will probably never see her again. so i sit here and eavesdrop. and smile. and blog about her.
i love this. the way people are. i am fascinated with sociology.

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Tersie said...

Anna - I loved this post. You are very tuned in to the people around you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It was a joy to read.