Saturday, September 22


scary movies make me have horrible nightmares. so here i am at a ridiculous hour awake and alert. and i am sure i have more vivid dreams than anyone. i think i actually feel the pain. i really cry. and laugh. and fight.

last night i was reading a book called The Voice of Matthew. it's basically the entire book of matthew in script format with Lauren Winner commentating certain parts. really good book. anyway, last night i was reading the part where God keeps coming into everyone's dreams. he comes to joseph a couple of times, then the wise men.

it made me wonder how vivid that was. was it like some image of God, or just a loud voice in a dream? or was it a situation to be interpreted as a message from God?

i found myself waking up in the middle of the night from my horrible nightmares and saying aloud "God, what makes them so special? come on! i want to have dreams of You!"


i'm sure an afternoon nap will do me just fine.

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julie p said...

you are so full of ponder and dissect and conclude and wonder....i love that.

but you really should be sleeping and taking care of your voice (that was my Mom comment)