Saturday, February 16

cronometrare per la vita diversa

It is amazing what can happen when one just disconnects for a weekend.

Lately I have really been evaluating perhaps not THE huge purpose in my life, but the smaller, more subtle purposes I know I am supposed to or just want to address at this time in my not so significant 20th year.
I have prayed for and begun to succeed in the disconnection from the petty and irrelevant dramatic situations in my life and really tried to focus on what I believe is important.
Highlighted "goals" in this mini-journey are these:

- learn to exude true hospitality
- learn to play the piano (at least so that I can say I am on the "beginner" level)
- learn to speak a reasonable amount of Italian*
- spend way more time in solitude

* I realize the Italian deal is so random, but here is why:

I am reading a book about a woman who, in a time of severe depression, decides to travel to three different countries to address three different things she believes are crucial to her making it. She travels to Italy to find ultimate pleasure, an Ashram in India for spiritual searching, and Indonesia to learn to balance the two. It is quickly making my Top Three list, and I will write more about the book later.
I have always loved the Italian language but never really saw a point in learning it. She addresses this exact thing, ending with "Since when does everything in life have to be strictly duty?". So, thank you Liz Gilbert. I am going to join you in learning and hopefully stick with it, unlike this diet.

I feel surprisingly refreshed though. A new desire for change.

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Sarah said...

Strange enough we are reading the same book my friend. I'm not as far into it as you are. I just started.