Monday, November 5


there are some artists that force their way into your soul.
i've talked about how much i love shane & shane. they are my source for musical worship almost always.

but then there's lauryn hill.
completely different level.
i listen to her and sometimes i just smile and shake my head.
how can one woman be so innovative and talented and extraordinary?

an author i like to read talks about how she doesn't go to church, she goes to broadway musicals.

i totally get that.

lauryn's voice is undeniably a God thing. something he created so perfectly and so beautifully.
he somehow made these noises coming out of this woman's mouth link to create the chills down my spine.
i wonder if she recognizes that. i wonder if she hears what i hear.

i stopped listening to lauryn for a while.
and tracy chapman, who often gives me the same chills.
i thought that part of the christian thing was to limit my self to music specifically sacred.
but there is something SO sacred about the perfect, sometimes scratchy pitches i hear from them.

now, musicals, even another level.
the magic.
stupid to try to put into words, really.

but, i get it.
it's an extraordinary God thing. i'm sure of it.


Tersie said...

You're right. God is in everything good and beautiful. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him, after all. :) We wouldn't be able to recognize or appreciate the beauty if it weren't for Him.

JohnIV said...

you talking about L.Hill? I have the other problem. I cannot listen to Christian music without wanting to puke because i find it so corny, sometimes i try but i cannot get into it, i use to like it but not anymore. as soon as i hear the first guitar chord of a Christian song i can tell it is a Christian song.i guess i like Derek Webb, his acoustic stuff and this guy named john mallinen. .

Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry for barging in, I hope not to offend you or startle you -I come peacefully with gifts. I'm an artist, teacher, life long learner, writer...humanities finatic, and I'm 33. I found you through Jaki's blog comments. The musicians you listed are ones listed in my own favorites and I think we're of different generations but of a similar mold, which is why I wanted to say hello. Also, I usually feel the same way as Lauryn Hill as far as "church" being time in a museum or fishing or gardening instead of dressing and going and being busy...and I understand the johniv comment as well - my mom recently introduced me to "point of grace" group - and I wasn't might be old news but new to me. Anyway - just stopping in as a stranger and noticing how incredible life is.