Wednesday, March 26

despite life's stressors right now:

I am so thankful for laughter.

You would think that after a while, I would get tired of Jordan's humor, but it seems I never stop laughing when he's around. He may be the funniest person I've ever met.
Today while I was in lecture, I started thinking about this stupid ritual he does when I'm leaving his house at night, and I lost it. As if the people in that class don't already think I'm a nutcase. He has been doing this stupid thing as he escorts me to the door for TWO YEARS, and I still almost pee my pants every time.

Also, there is something truly hilarious about potentially ruining someone's hair.
Here's what happens: these crazy girls trust me to color or cut their hair--something I am far from qualified to do. I ALWAYS talk them into doing something more drastic than they intended, and we ALWAYS just go for it.
And laugh so hard at the results.

I fear a day when I might not be able to have perspective and laugh at certain situations.


valerie said...

you'll always laugh, anna it's who you are! you're so full of joy that you infect everyone around you with it. =)

i'm really glad you blogged

valerie said...

don't judge me on the legs thing... i was pretty sick, ok?