Thursday, February 7

nothing wrong with a little rant

I was watching Mean Girls. And at the end they sort of conclude that Regina, the meanest girl, is really just mean because she has low self-esteem.
And that's it. Poor Regina.
Our society LOVES this.
I cannot count how many times I have heard "Well, she is probably just saying that because she is insecure"

But that's it? Off the hook?

Our society is obsessed with the idea of low self esteem. It is like the ultimate diagnosis.
But to a degree, EVERYONE has insecurities.
So isn't it safe to say that it's not really a legitimate excuse anymore?

I mean, sometimes I will be yelling at Jordan. And I am fully aware that my insecurity is what triggers it.
So I apologize.
I recognize that he is being penalized for MY issues.
What I did IS NOT OKAY; I don't care what anyone says.
Insecurity is the reason for my behavior, but it is certainly not an excuse.

It is so important to be compassionate. And forgiving. And to love people despite the way they treat you.
I love the idea of "turn the other cheek", and I am not suggesting otherwise.
But in most cases I just think the "low self-esteem" label is a total cop out.

People aren't held accountable anymore.
We are all spoiled brats.

Yep, I said it.

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