Friday, January 25

why diets are impossible for me.

I am a sucker for fun candy. It is a rare occasion if I don't have some form of candy in my purse. Here are my all-time favorite candies:

Squeeze pops. Gooey liquid sugar in a tube. MMMMMMMM. Not the sour kind..the original.

SweeTarts Squeez. Sort of like the above healthy treat, but tastes like sweetarts. I especially like the cherry. There is actually an entire bulk order in just cherry! DELICIOUS.

Bubble Jug. A jug of powdered sugar and tiny balls of bubble gum. The powder dissolves in your mouth like salt in the ocean. MMMMMMMM.

Anyway, just thought I post a fun little blog about my fun little candy fetish.

Hopefully relevant to readers because of my fun little birthday February 15.

You can find these candies in bulk at


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Sarah said...

I am with you on the candy addiction. I love Skittles, Jones Soda candy (they fizz in your mouth), jellybeans (jelly belly or smuckers), sour gummy worms, sour patch kids, and the list really goes on from there...