Tuesday, January 15

back to school

It's going to be a tough semester.

Screenwriting. I'm actually the most excited and interested in this class. It is refreshing to be in a class of creative people. Most of them are stereotypically artsy, which could be a good thing, but most of the time this stereotype comes with arrogance. There is an obvious competition in the air: most artsy, most creative, most completely-out-there. Regardless, I am excited. Maybe I will be America's Next Top Screenwriter.

The other classes completely run together: Survey of American Lit, Contemporary British Lit, Intro to Lit. A LOT of reading. A LOT A LOT.

So I'm back in the swing of things I suppose...

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drifter's escape said...

hey anna.
how are you doing?

i was an english major too.

do you have schuerer, flavin, harris-fain or simon for any of your classes?

my favorite class was creative non-fiction.